Synthetic V.S. Natural Makeup Brushes

Synthetic V.S. Natural Makeup Brushes - Marjani

Synthetic makeup brushes or natural makeup brushes? Which is better? What should you use? Both types of brushes are great options but sometimes it can be confusing to figure out with makeup brushes you should choose. We’re here to give you some details about synthetic and natural makeup brushes so you can decide for yourself. Here’s what you should know.


Natural brushes are typically made with some form of animal hair such as sable, squirrel, or goat. Since the hair is natural, this type of brushes very much act like a sponge and absorbs some of the product making them great for applying powder products. You will find that natural brushes are great for blending out eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. with a blended to perfection finish. 


While natural brushes are extremely durable, overtime the brushes will shed just like most types of natural hair. The brushes are also tougher to clean since they cling on to the product as well. The good thing is you can enjoy many great cruelty-free natural hair brushes these days.


Most brushes on the market are synthetic brushes because they are more affordable. Synthetic brushes are typically created with man-made fibers such as nylon, polyester or other synthetic materials. Unlike natural brushes, synthetic brushes do not absorb product easily which makes the brush fibers pack together much easier. This is why they are great for applying your makeup precisely and cutting corners. So, you'll want to use synthetic brushes to create your winged eyeliner looks and to conceal under the eyes.


The opposite of natural products, synthetic brushes are great for liquid makeup products like foundation and concealer. Synthetic brushes are much easier to clean and maintain over time as well. Marjani carries some of the best rated synthetic brushes by Sigma Beauty. Check them out online or in-store. 


Depending on your preference you may want to use only synthetic brushes or only use natural brushes. Try both types and see what you like best. You can also add both to your collection to use interchangeably. Now that you know the difference, which type of brushes do you prefer? Let us know over on our Instagram and feel free to share any tips you have for using synthetic or natural brushes.


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