Marjani Founder to Speak at the Prevailing Woman Conference

Marjani Founder to Speak at the Prevailing Woman Conference - Marjani
We are so excited to announce that our Founder, Kimberly Smith is taking the stage as one of the speakers at The 2019 Prevailing Woman Conference, She Prevails 2019, the weekend of August 10th in Durham, NC! If you are in the area, we welcome you to come and join us at this amazing women's empowerment event. Here's what you should know.

According to the event organizers at The Prevailing Woman, the purpose of She Prevails 2019 is to empower, entertain, and recharge women who are thought leaders, entrepreneurs and have a general interest in the welfare of their communities. It is an opportunity for women to gather together to hear dynamic speakers, create meaningful relationships in a curated atmosphere for women to excel.

The conference will feature keynote speakers, entertainment and vendors. Break out sessions will include panelists, speakers, and workshops featuring women who are the go-to and experts in their industries. Hence why our amazing Founder Kimberly will be there to drop the gems! 

Throughout the weekend, guests will take part in conversations about Health/Wellness, Beauty & Lifestyle, Boss Business, and Community Engagement. You definitely won't want to miss this opportunity to not only network with like-minded women but to also learn more about the story of Marjani. 

To learn more and purchase tickets, visit See you there!


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