Marjani Beauty is now Eighth+Kin!

It's time for a Beauty Revival! Marjani Beauty has transformed into EIGHTH+KIN: The Beauty Coterie a mission driven, experiential beauty retailer. Although today's beauty trends are deeply rooted in African+Eastern rituals and practices, rarely are Black+Brown people top of mind when creating the shopping experience. EIGHTH+KIN understands that beauty would be bland and lifeless without the contributions of all women, including, not excluding women of brown and dark hues. We are creating a company that plays at the intersection of Legacy+Transformation.

EIGHTH+KIN connects the legacy of our founder to the beauty community she desires to sow+harvest in this beauty revival. For Kimberly Smith – Chief Disruptor, Attorney, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Beauty+Fashion Lover – heritage and innovation began in her childhood home @ 818 E. Hortter Street in Philadelphia, PA. Born March 5th, her grandmother, Yvonne Harvey, was the very first fashionista she encountered. This matriarch defied the strict beauty and conservative standards of her religious upbringing by playing in bright and bold color. Miss Yvonne (as she was affectionately known and because we respect our Elders and Ancestors), made the streets of Philadelphia her runway with her chic blonde haircut, collection of wigs and fashionable jewelry. In today's terms she was an innovator, utilizing her lipstick as rouge for her cheeks or her nightly application of Vaseline to keep her mahogany skin smooth and wrinkle free.

How many of us, like Kimberly, remember the days of watching as our mothers, grandmothers, and aunties got their "hair dyed, fried and laid to the side", whether in the back of the house or at the salon? There was a spirit of camaraderie and kinship, and the conversation was always electrifying no matter the topic.

EIGHTH+KIN honors the brave and groundbreaking women of our past – like Miss Yvonne – ensuring their stories are heard by creating a culture centered on community and Friend+Kinship. In the spirit of reclamation, EIGHTH+KIN provides a gathering place for beauty enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a true, multi-sensory shopping experience while discovering emerging and established Black+Brown prestige beauty brands. Shoppers can play in makeup, take a selfie or two in our various photo spaces, treat themselves to a beauty service in our very own salon suite or just sit back and relax with a glass of wine after brunch.

We want to keep the recipes (rituals)going, of course there are highly curated virtual and in-person experiential learning workshops, pop-up activations & services to help our community stay on top of application techniques, perfect skincare rituals and explore hair care
and style trends.

Although EIGHTH+KIN was created in the sprit of cleansing and starting anew, the mission to advocate for the disruptors of tomorrow remains the same. We will always uplift the founders of today and serve as a champion for the founders and creators of tomorrow. Several services are available to established and aspiring beauty brands through various retail Partnerships + Bootcamps and events to meet the beauties behind the brands.

EIGHTH+KIN sets the standard for elevated, emerging brown beauty. Say goodbye to the mainstream beauty experience (you know the one) and experience beauty better with your newest kinfolk in beauty at Eighth+Kin!


Honoring our heritage

Beyond retail, we are creating an atmosphere that reclaims the Essence+Electricity once felt when gathering in the name of beauty and glam.

celebrating the present

Elevating the beauty shopping experience. Shopping with us is an experiential beauty event for customers and brands with every single visit.

building a legacy

We seek to cultivate the beauty creators of tomorrow. Use our space to create content, host events, or simply gather to mobilize for disruption.