BUY IT, TRY IT Foundation Match Program

Finding the right foundation for brown skin isn’t easy. If we’re being honest, it can turn into an all day affair at one of those other beauty stores. The worst part? Purchasing a $50 bottle, putting it on, and going outside in the sun only to find that it's the wrong color! Even worse? You can’t take it back. 

With 5 brands and over 50 shades of brown, we know "matching" can be overwhelming. Our Buy It, Try It™ Foundation Match program helps you find the right shade for your skin, but gives you a little back up plan just in case those undertones were a bit cooler than you estimated. 


Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Shop for a foundation with the label “Buy It, Try It™ Eligible”

Step 2

Head to the Foundation Samples page and add your foundation sample pack to your cart. Enter the BUYITTRYIT discount code at checkout.

Step 3

Receive your full-size foundation along with your samples in the mail. Try on the sample FIRST.

Step 4

If your sample matches you, open your full-size product and proceed with beauty as usual. If it’s not the right shade, return your unopened full size product within 14 days of purchase and receive a FULL refund.


A few things to remember: A full size foundation must be purchased in order to receive the sample free of charge. If returning your foundation, remember NOT to open the full-size container. (There’s not a thing we can do with an already-cracked seal!)  Still can't commit to a shade?  Not sure the best finish for your skin type or been told your undertone is red, orange and everything in between??  You don't have to go at this matching thing alone. You can book a Free Consultation HERE. Or, send an email to and we'll recommend a few shades for you to swatch. We got you! 

Happy Matching!