How Often Should You Get a Facial?

How Often Should You Get a Facial? - Marjani

Most often when we think of healthy skincare we think about face masks, scrubs, toners and typical face products. All of these products are great for your skincare routine but we all need to make room for treating our skin to a professional facial from time to time. We may go once a year for our birthday spa day or maybe you received a gift card for Mother's Day but you probably should get a facial more often than you think.

So, how often should you get a facial? You should aim to see your esthetician or aesthetician every 4 weeks. This timeline also depends on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, you may want to schedule a facial every 3 weeks and every 5 weeks for dry skin. Once you the professionals give you the recommended schedule for your facials, the key is to stick to it  in order to keep your skin glowing and healthy. 

For some of us, facials can be a bit pricey so maintaining a monthly routine at the spa for your skin may not be realistic for your budget. If this is the case, treat yourself to a facial every 3 to 6 months. Stretching out your facials is better for your pockets but you must remember to treat your skin well at home in between facials. Schedule time to give yourself an at-home facial using your favorite skincare products

Your healthy skincare routine at home should at least include a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, face mask and toner. With the exception of cleanser and moisturizer, all of these items do not have to be used daily but listen to your skin to see what it needs at the moment. We recommend checking out the skincare brands available at to find the products made just for your skin type.

Remember to never try and extract blemishes or pimples at home. Leave that to the professionals or use products like the Urban Skin RX Acne Control Spot Treatment to calm any inflammation of the skin. This will reduce acne scaring which is more common in darker skin tones. Yes, it's hard to leave those darn bumps alone but it is for the better! We promise.

We hope these facial and skincare tips help you to keep your skin healthy. Great makeup starts with your skincare. Treat your skin right, drink your water and schedule that facial! 


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