How Much Do You Love Highlighters?!

How Much Do You Love Highlighters?! - Marjani

Highlighter is one of those magical makeup products that we just can’t do without. Gold, silver, rose, peach and rainbow are just some of the fun and exciting highlighter colors but it doesn’t stop there. Since highlighter is versatile and literally makes us sparkle like the diamonds we are, its easy to become obsessed with this beauty must-have.

Let’s find out if you like highlighter or if you’re in LOVE and obsessed with highlighter. Take our mini beauty quiz and see if you fit the bill for highlighter obsessed!

1. You can never have on too much highlighter. There’s, “highlight poppin,” and then there’s blinding highlight! Do you find yourself applying 2 or more highlighters for a maximum pop of color even when you don’t have to go to a special event? If so, you may be obsessed with highlighter. 

2. You mix your highlighter with everything. Yes, everything! You have a bottle of oil mixed with highlighter, some of your favorite lotion mixed with highlighter and even made a custom nail polish with your favorite highlighter. No shade, no shame! If this is you, you may be obsessed with highlighter.

3. You only care about the highlighters included in the newest makeup collections. Well, it is the most important product right? If this is you, you may be obsessed with highlighter. 

4. Your arm becomes a palette of glitter at the makeup store. You’re just swatching and swiping all of the highlighters you see. Cream highlighters, powder highlighters and anything with a shimmer catches your eye. No matter how much makeup remover you use, the glitter still remains but you’re not worried because… highlight! If this is you, you may be obsessed with highlighter.


5. You purchase two of the same highlighters at the same time. Just because you never know when brands may discontinue the gem you just found. If this is you, you may be obsessed with highlighter. 

Okay, so most of us went through this list and at least identified with 3 out of 5 of these statements. We are all obsessed with highlighter. How could we not? So, we’re not judging Sis. Get your highlight on! 

While we have you, check out our highlighters available at Marjani Beauty! You’ll love our favorites like Gleam Body Radiance, Illuminating Veil and Enlight Illuminator. Plus, you get to add more highlighter to your collection. Enjoy!


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