Brown Girl Thoughts While Shopping for Foundation

Brown Girl Thoughts While Shopping for Foundation - Marjani

Shopping for the perfect foundation shade can be a challenge. No, actually it IS a challenge. We know just how hard it can be and came up with a few thoughts that we know almost every brown girl had or still has when finding the perfect foundation shade! 

Will I Find My Shade?

You want to try something new but you can guarantee that it will be hard to find your shade. You're so excited but then that excitement begins to fade because... you just know. Many brands are beginning to include darker shades in their launches but many of us melanin rich makeup lovers are left to wait until the brands extend the shade range. Unfortunate but true.

I'm Scared to Ask for Help, I'll Try on My Own.

We did a poll on the Marjani Beauty Instagram page and found that over 70% of you mentioned that you were nervous or scared to find your perfect foundation shade in stores. There's the fear of asking inexperienced beauty consultants and the fear of purchasing the wrong color. We hear you and we understand the struggle!

Will This Foundation Make Me Look Ashy?

Finding a foundation in your shade is hard and you may think you have found the perfect match only to find that after application you have a terrible ashy overcast. Most likely the SPF or the overall formula are making you look gray and ashy. It can literally feel like trial and error but you're too cute for all of that!

Where are the Minority-Owned Brands?

It's okay to want to support your own! There are plenty of minority-owned and women-owned brands but sometimes you may have to do some researching and make purchases from multiple carriers to try out the different brands. This is why Marjani Beauty exists! We are your one stop shop for brown girl approved brands made with you in mind.

If any of these thoughts have ran through your mind or you understand the struggle of shopping for foundation as a brown or black woman, we have news for you! Along with Image Concierge, we are helping you find the perfect match. Put these feelings to rest at the Perfect Match Experience.


First stop, Bowie, MD at Mane Envy Salon on Sunday, July 29th from 3pm to 7pm. Yes, there's still time to purchase tickets so you can find, "the one!" The experts will be there to match you with one of 50 brown girl approved foundation shades. We'll also have fun giveaways and an evening full of pampering! Register HERE before time runs out. See you there and stay tuned for the upcoming stops on the Perfect Match Tour! 


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