5 Thoughts Black and Brown Women Have While Shopping for Foundation

5 Thoughts Black and Brown Women Have While Shopping for Foundation - Marjani

Shopping for foundation as a brown or black woman can be a crazy trip to the beauty store! Trying out products, wondering if your shade is available, asking for help and so much more can be a big deal while shopping for the perfect match. We can totally relate and we've put together a list of thoughts we know you've had while shopping for foundation!


1. Will I Find My Shade?
Unfortunately, mainstream stores do not focus on brown girl friendly shades, especially if you live in an area with a small minority population. Similar to the experience of shopping for hair products for ethnic hair, we can walk into a store almost always with a guarantee that we will not find what is best for our skin tone.



2. Does the Consultant Know How to Color Match Darker Skin?
When we need a little extra help, we can only pray and hope that the consultants have experience with matching darker skin tones. Consultants may not know how or try to push you to the wrong shade because that is all the store may have available. The struggle is real!

3. I'm Scared to Ask for Help, I'll Try on My Own.
We did a small poll on the Marjani Beauty Instagram page and found that over 70% of you mentioned that you were nervous or scared to ask when trying to find your perfect foundation shade in stores. We hear you and we understand but sometimes this leads to just a lot of guessing.



4. Will this Foundation Make Me Look Ashy?
You may think you have found the perfect foundation match only to find that it leaves an ashy look once the foundation has dried down. This happens when the foundation does not match your undertone. Hello, beauty industry! Brown girls come in cool, warm and neutral tones!


5. Where are the Minority-Owned Brands?
Minority-owned brands understand our needs and typically have just the right products for us. For us, by us, right? Unfortunately, it can be hard to find minority-owned brands in store so there are challenges when it comes to supporting the culture.



Now that we have narrowed down some of the thoughts, what do you think? Is this you Sis? We feel you and although we can't change the beauty industry over night we have a solution that may work for you in the mean time. We invite you to give our Buy It, Try It program a test run. It kills two birds with one stone. You get to shop online and sample brown girl approved foundations created for us and by us at the same time. It will definitely take the stress out of shopping for your perfect shade.


Also, we are excited to share just a little bit of exciting information with you... The Marjani Beauty retail store is coming soon! We can't wait to relieve the concerns of shopping for your perfect match at our very own space. More details to come!


What other concerns do you have shopping for foundation? Tell us on Facebook and Instagram by following @MarjaniBeauty! Don't for get to use the hashtag #MarjaniBeauty.


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