Representation Matters: The Style of the Leading Ladies of Insecure

Representation Matters: The Style of the Leading Ladies of Insecure - Marjani

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Let’s be real, Issa and Molly are the two best friends we all wish we had. What we love most about the leading ladies of Insecure, is that they are multi-dimensional characters dealing with real life ish every single day, while black. Not only can we learn a thing or two from them in the departments of love and relationships, but their fashion and entire lewks help remind us that simply showing up as a woman of color in today’s society, is an act of resistance. #SingleandThrivingSortOf

When thinking of Issa, one of the first things that comes to mind is her sharp wit and unapologetic style: Afrikana meets LA in the 90’s. Whether she’s out there trying to make the world a better place for the children through We Got Ya’ll, or she’s stuck in the perpetual love triangle that is her dating life, she’s a woman on a mission to find her happiness. And quite frankly, none of us can be mad about that!


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One thing is for certain: you can always count on Issa for up-do style inspiration, bold eyeshadow colors and a dark, glossy lip. The next time you’re feeling petty, but still want to look pretty, try out AJ Crimson’s Pretty Petty Metallic Gloss and pair it with Hue Noir’s Perfect Pigment Velvet Eyeshadow in Greener Pastures to work some of that (awkward) black girl magic into your life. #StuntingWhileBlack


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If sassy-business chic is a thing, Molly’s got it down pat. With her signature bob, sky high stilettos and feisty take-no-prisoners attitude, it’s no wonder that she’s steadily making her way up that corporate ladder. Even through the code switching, something many of us WOC are all too familiar with in the professional world, the best thing about Molly is that she stays true to who she is. Although we continue to side-eye her decision to stick with Dro (can we really blame her for falling for that million-dollar smile?), Molly is an independent boss woman and a consistently dependable friend who’s not afraid to check you when necessary.

Molly’s nude lip game is stronger than our lust for Dro. Channeling our inner-Molly is made super easy with the AJ Crimson #NoFilter Nude Lip Color. One swipe and you’re ready to take on anything your trifling boss or kind-of baefriend throws your way.  

Are you enjoying this season of Insecure? Are you loving the style choices of Issa and Molly? What do you think will happen next? Tell us your storyline predictions or reactions over on our Facebook page!


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