Indie Yet The Best Thing to Happen to Women of Color

Indie Yet The Best Thing to Happen to Women of Color - Marjani


As popular and well known cosmetic brands like Black Opal, NARS, and Urban Decay are, indie beauty brands are the gems of the industry. Why? Because they break the mold! Especially those that cater to women of color. A number of up and coming cosmetic lines have been created to offer women of color the love and attention our skin deserves and although they are small fish, indie beauty brands are the best thing to happen to women of color in the beauty industry. Here's why...

What is special about new and indie beauty brands is that they tend to be closer to the audience and are able to understand exactly what women of color need when it comes to cosmetics. They understand us and for that alone, they deserve more recognition from the beauty industry. We asked for foundation shades the indie beauty brands like Hue Noir, AJ Crimson and Danessa Myricks gave it to us. Not only did they provide the shades, they listened when it came to skin tones as well.


KéNisha Ruff, Founder and Creative Director of Marie Hunter Beauty

The next reason indie brands are great for women of color has little to do with beauty. Indie beauty brands that are for us and by us also contribute to empowering minority-owned and women-owned businesses. Every time a beauty brand owned by a person of color is created, it shows others in the community that it is possible to live out their dream and it funnels money into our communities. 

Indie beauty brands also love to take risks. They find the needs and instead of fitting into the mold, they serve women of color with new and unique products. For example, Black Girl Sunscreen is made specifically for women of color to protect their skin. Many mainstream brands probably would not have tried to recreate such a staple product for a demographic other than their target customer. Black Girl Sunscreen made women of color its target demographic and was up to the challenge!



With all of the great benefits indie brands provide, it is still an uphill battle to becoming a household name in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, breaking into the market and earning a spot next to the big brands is the hard part for our favorite indie, minority-owned beauty brands. This is why at Marjani Beauty, our goal is to shed light on the movers and shakers who continue to listen to us and our makeup needs. Continue to check out for new and cool products from indie beauty brands that continue to break the mold of beautiful!


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