Ellie Bianca is Coming to the Perfect Match Experience!

Ellie Bianca is Coming to the Perfect Match Experience! - Marjani
It is always a party when beauty brands link up and we're excited to announce that Ellie Bianca will be with us as a guest brand at the Perfect Match Experience. This all-natural and brown girl approved beauty brand is one of our favorites and now you get to experience them too. Here's why we're excited about Ellie Bianca.
Ellie Bianca is a  proudly Canadian, all-natural, environmentally sustainable, socially conscious skin care line that recognizes beauty in all forms. Their mission has three pillars which are to be kind to your skin, be kind to the earth and be kind to women. Their base ingredient, shea butter and oil, is sourced from women-run co-ops in Africa. Talk about girl power! We also feel so connected to the brand because Ellie Bianca believes that beauty is so much more than aesthetic and we couldn't agree more.
The products produced by Ellie Bianca start with a base of raw, unrefined African shea butter and oil, which is rich in skin loving properties. Products are also vegan, non-gmo, all-natural and certified organic. Best-selling products by Ellie Bianca include body oil, bath salts, lip balm and night serum. Imagine how incredible these products will feel on your skin! 
So, who is the woman behind the awesome brand? Founder Evelyne Nyairo was inspired by her daughter, Eliana, rich heritage, passion for the environment, natural beauty and healthy living when creating Ellie Bianca. She wanted to help create a world where every woman has the opportunity to embrace and own her strength and beauty inside and out. As an Environmental Scientist and Chemist Nyairo understands the process of creating a product that is safe for the environment and the skin.
If you want to get your hands on some Ellie Bianca products to try and to purchase you should definitely make your way to the Perfect Match Experience. We are touching down on Sunday, July 29th from 3pm to 7pm in Bowie, MD with our co-hosts Image Concierge! Register HERE so you can reserve your seat. See you there!

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