Suffer from Eczema? We Have Products Just for You!

Suffer from Eczema? We Have Products Just for You! - Marjani

Eczema can be a battle. It’s often hard to find products that can provide relief and heal dry skin. This is why we are excited to carry Angie Watts products at Marjani! We promote healthy skin for all skin types and we now have a brand on board for those whose skin is in need of a little more care. Here's more about the Angie Watts brand and products.

Angela R. Hubbard founded Angie Watts by creating products right in her own kitchen after a long battle with her daughter's eczema issues. Hence the reason why she calls herself the "Skin Food Chef!" She was looking for a solution to treat eczema without the use of steroids. After witnessing the remarkable benefits of using plant-based ingredients, the Angie Watts brand was born. 

All Angie Watts products are vegan, organic and cruelty-free which means less medicated lotions that can be harsh and unhealthy for longterm use. The products are formulated to nourish, hydrate, and promote healthy skin. At Marjani, we carry the Nam Eczema & Extra Dry Skin Therapy (Whipped Butter) for head to toe hydration and to eliminate the symptoms of eczema. To lock in moisture and protect the skin, customers can purchase the Nam Eczema Extra Dry Skin Serum, also available at Marjani.

If you're wondering what nam means, nam (shortened from Namu) comes from Sanskrit word namas commonly translated as to devote oneself to. Angie Watts firmly believes that devoting yourself to healthy skin results in a happy life. Do you see why we love this brand so much?! 

Shop Angie Watts in-store or online at We know you will not be disappointed with the quality of this skincare brand! 



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