Your Skincare Routine Just Got Better With The Newest Brands at Marjani!

Your Skincare Routine Just Got Better With The Newest Brands at Marjani! - Marjani

We have an amazing group of new brands founded by ladies who are breaking the mold of beautiful! Help us welcome PH 7, Pooka, and AbsoluteJOI!

You have to get your hands on the nourishing and hydrating Pooka Pure and Simple Body Butters! Pooka began 17 years ago by Dawn Fitch, a graphic artist by trade, whose life took a different path when she became sick with an auto-immune disease. She started in her kitchen and we are now happy to have Pooka in our home. The Body Butters have been formulated with natural ingredients for the best skin conditioning for both normal to the driest skin around. Not only will your skin be nourished, but your skin will also feel hydrated and protected.

Our newest brand to join the party is PH7! No more acne, clogged pores, and dark spots with PH7's products. A toxicologist by trade, Erica Weaver, Ph.D., her mission is promoting a skincare brand that provides natural, toxin-free products. PH7 features a highly clean collection of natural skincare products made with you in mind. We highly suggest the Facial Scrub to treat your skin to a good cleanse after a long day.

Welcome AbsoluteJOI, a clean skincare line developed for melanin-rich skin to the Marjani Family! The brand offers high-quality skincare that is safe, effective and gentle with no unnecessary additives, perfumes or dyes. Inspired by her daughters, Dr. Anne created AbsoluteJOI using natural ingredients and science infused with global traditions, to deliver a clean and safe approach for healthy skin. Their products are made with Nordic waters and are clean, simple and a real treat for your skin. Your skin will thank you for trying the Skin Refining Night Oil with your nighttime skincare routine!

Each time we partner with a new brand or add products to Marjani, our aim is to keep you in mind with melanin-approved items. We know that Ph7, AbsoluteJoi, and Pooka Pure and Simple are for sure, for us and by us! Purchase these amazing brands in-store or online at


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