3 Brands You Should Support This Black History Month... and Beyond

3 Brands You Should Support This Black History Month... and Beyond - Marjani

For Black History Month 2019, we are reflecting on the many impactful ways that the Black community has shaped this beautiful world of ours. From Madam CJ Walker’s contribution of jellies and creams meeting needs of black hair care for women of color, to Anthony Overton’s innovative High Brown Powder, the first makeup product successfully marketed exclusively for black women. Black people are inventive, creative and history-making!

And we want to celebrate that—all year long! There have been many Black innovators throughout history and their legacy lives on.  Each day, more and more Black men and women are changing the world with their contributions to the beauty industry. Join us in celebrating three of the many Black-owned brands that are on the come up and truly breaking the mold.  

First, let's celebrate Hue Noir. Founded by the chemist, Paula Hayes, Hue Noir develops makeup formulas with multicultural women in mind. Their products are intentionally crafted for longer wear, oil absorption, and optimum skin moisturization. Hue Noir is, at its core, a beautiful blend of science and technology,  developed to meet the needs of a variety of skin types and tones!

We certainly love this next brand and beauty guru. AJ Crimson desired to create a makeup brand that didn't simply follow a one-size-fits-all mentality 

like many commercialized brands were. Thus, AJ Crimson Beauty was born. AJ Crimson’s products are inclusive of women of all ethnicities and contains shades for women of every ethnic background and skin tone. And honestly, we’re all for it!

We can thank Danessa Myricks’s keen eye for photography for the magic that is Danessa Myrick Beauty. Danessa’s experience in makeup artistry, photography, creative directing, educating and entrepreneurship truly give her a valuable perspective of the beauty industry. Just check out her Instagram account if you don't believe us! Her brand is instructional, colorful and, most importantly, inclusive. Much like Danessa herself, Danessa Myrick Beauty is a jill-of-all-trades in the beauty industry. 

These are just three of many remarkable, black-owned brands that are truly breaking the mold of beautiful—ensuring that their products are high quality, intentionally crafted and free of unhealthy toxins. Purchase items from these amazing brands and other black-owned brands at MarjaniBeauty.com or in-store! Let us know: what other brands out there do you know that are breaking the mold of beautiful


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