Introducing NUHANCIAM!

Introducing NUHANCIAM! - Marjani

The Marjani family is growing! New products have been added to the store and today, we are highlighting a very special brand, NUHANCIAM! Why do we love this brand so much? Not only will it make your skin feel luxurious but also, their products are made with 97% natural ingredients and caters to the unique needs of tan and darker skin tones!

NUHANCIAM focuses its research on understanding the causes of and reducing and correcting pigmentation spots, evening out the complexion and enhancing skin radiance in phototypes III (slightly dark skin), IV (dark skin), V (brown skin) and VI (brown or black skin), as well as on preventing the appearance of new spots. All of the brand's products are formulated by taking into account all of the specific needs of darker skin types such as thicker corneum stratum, surface irregularities, fragile, delicate and extremely reactive skin to environmental factors. With science, the brand is able to provide care and a solution.

In celebration of Women's History Month, we want to share information with you about NUHANCIAM's Co-Founder, Muriel Berradia. A woman of Indian origin, Berradia had never found high-quality products that would meet the very specific needs of her skin or offer the effectiveness and safety she was looking for. That is when NUHANCIAM was born with the assistance of Co-Founder Jocelyn Bariteau. Berradia set out to solve a problem not only for herself but for women of color across the globe who dealt with the same issues.


Some of our favorite NUHANCIAM products include the Cleansing Micellar Water, Pure Radiance Cream and the Anti-Dark Spot Power Factor. Learn more about NUHANCIAM and shop their amazing products at! You can also purchase these products in-store today!


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