Saffron + Rose Brightening Serum

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Heal and Firm Your Skin

Brightening Face Serum with healing + firming ingredients to embrace the grace of age, beauty, and wisdom. Brightens and protects your skin + spirit leaving you luxuriously silky. Works best paired under Shaffali Neem + Neroli Facial Moisture

Aroma notes: Bright and Floral. Amongst a love inducing rose garden with hints of happy orange blossom.

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Product Information

Saffron: brightening, anti inflammatory for soothing redness, cell repair (including for hyperpigmentation), restores damaged skin and slows development of fine lines and wrinkles by protecting against uv radiation (preventative care for hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles)

Rose: hydrating, nourishing, healing, skin clearing, can help heal eczema and acne, uplifts mood by inducing love, especially from

Bergamot: antibacterial (skin clearing) and uplifting to the spirit

Kigeline: African fruit extract that firms and tightens skin

Hyaluronic Acid: nourishing and hydrating, boosting skins ability to retain moisture

How To Use
Use daily and nightly or as needed
  • Layer before & under Shaffali Neem + Neroli Facial Moisture
  • Apply to a cleansed face, neck and decollete
  • Massage in sweeping motions, upward and out Inhale the essences of saffron, rose, patchouli and bergamot
  • Mediate on the mantra I am Rich Embrace all that you are blessed with in life with gratitude
Behind The Brand
Shaffali's mission is to help you recognize and amplify your inner and outer beauty –and to honor its depth, layers and immensity.

Founder Shaffali's foundation of beauty is healing through Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, influenced by her 20 years of working in the spa industry, her decade plus of teaching yoga and meditation to VIP clients, and her beautiful travels around the world. She fuses Eastern mind with western body and universal soul, and she loves creating fusions of these beautiful influences. Through her signature self love rituals and accompanying products, may you be blessed with seeing and feeling your love, light + beauty and may you... "Spread love, light and beauty!"

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