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Tackle Textured Skin! - Marjani

We all want our faces to be naturally airbrushed, glass-like, and IG “Clarendon” filtered, but is that attainable??? While some people were born with poreless and acne free skin (you know, the ones that only use Dove soap, Vaseline, and tap water), the rest of us work hard to keep our skin blemish free and in pristine shape. 

While the process of tackling textured skin can harp on prevention, sometimes we face the unavoidable breakouts happen, accidental burns occur, skin gets irritated, and life’s stressors can induce cystic nodules. If we have learned anything in 2020, we have realized that some things are just out of our control! Life isn’t perfect, and neither is one's own skin. But, at Marjani, we are dedicated to helping you find the products that suit your concerns and getting you as close to perfection as possible.  

Check out the 4 common textural issues and the coordinating Marjani approved products for proper maintenance!



Skin pitting that is caused by severe acne, infections, or high levels of local steroid injections. While pockmarks usually need stronger invasive treatments (medical strength chemical peels, laser, etc.), incorporating Sytenol® for prevention and Glycolic Acid for maintenance can help treat these skin depressions.


Hair follicles that are inflamed and clogged with oil and dead skin cells lead to whiteheads and  blackheads. Once the inflamed spot becomes infected with bacteria, it is called a pimple. Fortunately, a daily regimen of Retinoids, AHA/BHA, and Koalin Clay can take care of those annoying papules.

Hypertrophic Scars

Due to the overproduction of collagen, some scars become thickened and raised (on top of being discolored). Similar to pockmarks, more invasive and residual procedures may be needed to completely remove these lesions. Adding BHAs and Retinol for smoothing and Vitamin C and Tetrapeptide-30 for discoloration will lessen the overall appearance of these scars.

Large Pores

While your pore size is genetic, an increase in oil production or a natural decline in skin elasticity can cause your pore size to appear enlarged. While you can’t technically change the size of your pores, you can utilize Niacinamide, Retinol, and Enzymes to unclog and lessen the sight of them.


Product Recommendations for Textured Skin


AbsoluteJOI • Skin Refining Night Oil w/ Retinol

Retinol is a super ingredient that reduces texture, discoloration, acne, and prevents premature aging.

Concerns: Scar Discoloration & Large Pores


Nuhanciam • Blemish Eraser Acne Spot Treatment

Sytenol® provides powerful action in treating the causes of pimple formation, the quantity and quality of sebum and follicular bacterial flora.

Concerns: Acne & Prevents Pockmark Formation


OKO Skincare  Enzyme Resurfacing Peel

This 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acids blend (Glycolic, Lactic, Citric & Tartaric) dissolves dead skin cells, loosens deep cellular debris, and exfoliates buildup.

Concerns: Large Pores, Pockmarks & Acne


Nuhanciam • Anti-Dark Spot Power Factor

This anti-dark spot serum has 4 powerful complementary ingredients (including Tetrapeptide-30) to correct the 4 main factors that cause dark spots to form.


Concerns: Discoloration due to Acne & Scars 


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