Quick Makeup Tips for Moms!

Quick Makeup Tips for Moms! - Marjani

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Making sure your children are taken care of is a task that mothers embrace but moms often have a rough time doing simple things for themselves. For example, making sure to have breakfast can be an afterthought so the thought of putting on a bit of makeup definitely isn't happening.

We get it, sometimes making it out of the house can be challenging after making sure all of the kids are ready. So, just for you mom, we've listed a couple of simple and quick makeup tips you can do in a short of amount of time before heading out the door.

1. Focus on the Highlights - Founder of Marjani Beauty, Kimberly Smith says focus on just a few key pieces of makeup for a quick look when you do not have time to create a full makeup beat. Start with a just a little foundation or tinted moisturizer for a hydrated and smooth look. Then add your brows, mascara and eyeliner. Finish it all off with a cute lippie! We're skipping the contouring and eyeshadow because, "ain't nobody got time for that!"

2. Bold Lips as a Focal Point - Years ago when Kimora Lee Simmons starred in the reality show Life in the Fab Lane which documented her life, she shared a great tip to get out of the door fast and drop off her daughters to school. Simmons said when you are in a rush grab your favorite sunglasses and throw on a red lip. The bright lipstick steals the show and makes it look like you had all of the time in the world to get ready. In fact, sunglasses and lipstick pairing is a trend you can live by.

3. Use highlighter for Eyeshadow - Highlighters are super pigmented but are sheer enough to apply to your eyelids with minimal effort and blending. You can even swipe and apply using your fingers! This will save you time while appearing as if you made an effort.

4. Have Your Eyebrows Tinted - Doing your brows is not easy and can be time consuming, especially if your brows are thin or sparse. Consider having your eyebrows tinted the next time you go in for a wax or tweeze. Tinting makes your brows look freshly done for a couple of weeks. Now, you've just eliminated plenty of time from your makeup routine and will have more confidence when wearing no makeup at all.

5. Have a Night Time Routine - Sometimes we just really don't have the time to do our makeup at all. This is why we need to focus on healthy skin. Incorporate a facial cleansing routine before bed to promote hydrated skin that you can rock barefaced at any time. Plus, this is a great excuse to put the kids to bed early and treat yourself to a mini spa experience at home.

Moms just know that we see you and all that you do to break the mold of beautiful. We hope these tips help for when being a mom gets busy! The struggle is real. Understand that you are appreciated on Mother's Day and every day. Mom's like you rock!


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