Marjani Beauty is Open for Business!

Marjani Beauty is Open for Business! - Marjani

Today is the day!!! is officially opened for business. Marjani Beauty Company is a beauty & cosmetics eboutique for women of color. We are aiming to redefine the traditional standards of beauty by bringing color to beautiful and creating a new shopping experience for all women of color.


We will stock some cult favorites and known indie brands, but most importantly, we will discover hidden gems and work with new brands entering the beauty space who are specifically targeting women of color. Black women, alone, spend billions of dollars annually on beauty products. And most often these dollars are spent on brands that fail to address our specific needs, or altogether exclude us. Beauties, let's redirect our consumer dollars to brands that are catering to US. We should not have to make compromises in our appearance, in price or quality in support of mainstream cosmetic companies. 

 Let's go on this colorful journey together!

#Redefine #Empower #Connect


CEO & Founder, Marjani Beauty Company

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