Is Chrome Blue the New Eyeshadow Hue?

Is Chrome Blue the New Eyeshadow Hue? - Marjani

For the past few years the makeup industry has been obsessed with nudes, pinks and peaches but it seems like we are taking a turn in a colorful way. No, we don't mean color for high fashion editorials. We mean color for the everyday women, like us, with bold chrome blue eyeshadow looks. Could this mean that chrome blue eyeshadow is the hottest new hue?

Blue eyeshadow is mostly known as a signature look from the 80's alongside heavy blush and fuchsia lipstick. Over time blue eyeshadow became a, "no no," for the everyday makeup look. We toned it down as we got into the 90's and 2000's. Now here we are with fashion repeating itself with chrome blue making a comeback.

Photo via Maybelline

Recently, influencers and brands such as Patrick Starr, Makeup Shayla, Maybelline and Elf are including chrome blue eyeshadow in their newest collections. In the past palettes with color leaned towards unicorn pastels, pinks and classic dark colors. While the chrome and electric blues seem to be the wave you can also see chrome purples and greens shaking things up as well. 

The best part is that chrome blue is a beautiful hue on women of color and we encourage you to try the trend! Most recently, rap star Trina made an appearance on The Real wearing blue eyeshadow and looked beautiful while doing so. Honestly, from tan to dark, everyone can, "sing the blues!"

If you're looking for your perfect blue match we suggest the Hue Noir's I've Got the Blues which has DOUBLE the pigment with a smooth finish. Next, take it up a notch and be fearless with blue lippies in the middle of the day for a trip to the grocery store! Get that look with AJ Crimson's Le Bleu metallic gloss. Both beauty finds are available at

Enjoy the chrome blue trend while it is hot but we want you to remember one thing. Even though society is bringing sexy back with blue, don't wait for others to give you the, "okay," to rock the colors you love. Stunt on them in bright orange shadows and feel free to slay in green too! You break the mold of beautiful just by being you. Don't you forget that!


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