Hue Noir, When Science and Beauty Collide

Hue Noir, When Science and Beauty Collide - Marjani

Hue Noir, When Science and Beauty Collide

We love to celebrate trailblazers, movers and shakers at Marjani Beauty. The opportunity to do so is even more special when we get to celebrate one of our partners! Hue Noir is one of those special brands that is for us, by us and ready to change the face of beauty by putting multicultural women at the center of the modern beauty movement.

Hue Noir's approach is unique. Founder and CEO Paula Hayes created the brand to be a prestige line of makeup. One that is luxurious and takes pride in ingredients used to produce a high quality product. As a chemist, her interest in creating makeup came from a love of wearing beauty products but she naturally wanted to know how to make her own products while studying biology. 

"We’ve blended science and technology to develop luxurious and innovative makeup solutions ideal for customers with nuanced skin tones ranging from fair to deep," as described by the Hue Noir biography. "Our products provide longer wear, oil absorption, moisturization and excellent color payoff whether the goal is transparency or opacity."

One of our favorite products from Hue Noir are the True Hues Flawless Foundation which comes in 20 shades! We are also equally obsessed with the Moisturizing Lip Butters and Velvet Eyeshadows. The color is truly poppin' with all of the shades provided from this brand!

Thanks to Haye's expertise, Hue Noir has created proprietary makeup formulas calibrated with multicultural women in mind. This is exactly why we have chosen to highlight Hue Noir during Black History Month. Paula Hayes is the epitome of black excellence and a pioneer in finding your own solution to a big problem!

Check out Hue Noir's products and discover for yourself why we love this brand so much.



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