Girl, Clean Your Makeup Tools!

Girl, Clean Your Makeup Tools! - Marjani

New month, new goals and clean makeup tools! Cleaning your makeup and beauty items is a must to avoid skin issues and for flawless makeup applications. The truth of the matter is, the bacteria build up can be deadly and cause infections that are very harmful. This is why cleaning your tools is so important.

Even though the task can be time-consuming, it's time to say no to dirty brushes and yes, to healthy skin! Here are five tips on cleaning your makeup tools.

1. Clean your brushes and sponges at least once a week. Put it on your calendar to clean your brushes so you do not forget. Pick a day that you typically relax at home or do not wear makeup so you are not in a rush or in need of your tools before the tools completely dry.

2. Throw away your beauty blenders after 3 months. We know, we know... It's hard to let our favorite tools go but this is for the safety of your skin. Do not try to save your beauty blenders after 3 months of use. Replace them to avoid any bacteria and irritation of the skin caused by dirty beauty blenders.

3. Avoid harsh cleansing methods and hacks. Remember, in order to keep your tools in good shape you have to take great care of them. It is tempting to try microwaving our sponges or using vinegar on our brushes but this can be harmful to the materials and bad for your skin. Use cleansers that are specifically made for beauty tools.

4. Don't forget to cleanse your lash curlers, scissors, and tweezers! We're so used to cleaning our brushes and sponges because we can see the stains. Our other tools require some sterilization and cleaning as well. Don't forget them!

5. When drying your brushes make sure to reshape them and either lay them flat or standing with the bristles facing up. This will ensure the brushes keep their shape and perform as if they were new when you're ready to use them.

We hope these tips help to keep your tools tidy and clean. If you are in need of new tools, remember you can purchase new brushes and sponges at Marjani online or in-store. 


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