A Nighttime Skincare Routine by Aika

A Nighttime Skincare Routine by Aika - Marjani
What does your nighttime skincare routine look like? Our friends at AIKA are showing us how to do it right with their amazing AIKA Wellness Collection! Take off the day, relax, and refresh with these skin products made just for you.
Before we jump into the routine, let's chat about AIKA. Of course, AIKA is brown-girl approved and made for us, by us but there are many other reasons why we love this brand. AIKA is the world’s first and only 100% certified organic Ayurvedic inspired skin, body and spa range for purists! The line specifically creates products that contribute to its customer's overall health, wellbeing, and peace of mind.

After using the products, you will feel good and your skin will feel its best. We suggest starting with the Deep Cleanser to gently remove makeup and debris. One of the most relaxing moments in the routine is the face steam using the Ayuressence which comes in different formulas to cater to your individual skin type.
Finish with the Facial Elixir which will caress your skin with a cascade of nutrition for intensive nighttime repair. The full line of products, as well as the items used in this video, can be found here at Marjani.com.
Guess what? The AIKA Wellness Collection just so happen to be on sale! Purchase today online at MarjaniBeauty.com or in-store! Enjoy and click here to let us know what your nighttime skincare routine looks like!

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