3 Tips for Keeping Skin Healthy While Shaving

3 Tips for Keeping Skin Healthy While Shaving - Marjani

It is officially summer! We heard it is a hot girl summer so that means getting our skin in order and healthy. This time of year we tend to pick up the razor and shave more often which can be damaging to the skin. Here are three tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy all summer even after shaving.

1. Exfoliate the skin with a gentle scrub to soften the skin. Dry skin while shaving can cause cuts and burns that can turn into scars. We suggest True Moringa's Rejuvenating Body Polish before shaving to decrease chances of breaking the skin.

2. Pick up a razor with 1 - 2 blades. We know, the more blades the better the shave but we have to be nicer to our skin during the process. Even try an electric shaver as an alternative to decrease irritation and hyperpigmentation.

3. If shaving dries your skin out, using a body oil while in the shower or as a bath oil will help to keep the moisture in. The Aika Vata Body Anoint Oil is perfect for your aftershave routine. Not online is it moisturizing, this product is a real treat. Use daily as massage oil ritual for strengthening, toning and hydrating your skin, relaxing your muscles and restoring your soul into a divine level of true wellbeing. So, no need to shave to use this product! 

Remember to be kind to your skin and also drink your water to help with moisture. All product suggestions can be found at online at MarjaniBeauty.com or in-store. Now we want to hear from you! What tips do you have for shaving in the summer? Share with us on our Instagram at @MarjaniBeautyCo. 


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