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Product Information

Now this text that shows up after the first split code will be in the second tab which is the Ingredients tab. Once you are done writing everything in this tab you add the split code and the tab will be done.
How To Use
Type everything in "Show HTML" of the description. You start of just typing like I am and this is the DETAILS tab. When you want to end the details tab and start on the next tab you add a split code. Which can be seen right after this text.
Behind The Brand
Now we are after the second split code which means we are in the third tab (Behind The Brand). Same thing when you want the content in this tab to end you add another split code just below it.
Why We Love It
IF YOU HAVE CONTENT THAT YOU WANT DISPLAYED ON TOP OF THE TABS. This is where it starts, same thing when you want that content/text to end you just add another split to the end of it. Keep in mind this does not have to be here if you do not want any text displayed on top of the tabs.

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