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Are you a service provider with an established clientele looking for a studio to service clients, create content and host events?? The Marjani Beauty Lounge is the ideal location for makeup artists, estheticians and brow techs looking for a luxurious, upscale space to see clients and host events.

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The Goddess

$75 per/day

Per Diem Rate

Dedicated Makeup Station


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The Maven

$200 per/week

3-5 Days Per Week

Dedicated Makeup Station

Booking System

Product Discounts


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The Bombshell

$675 per/month

Unlimited Days Per Month

Dedicated Makeup Station

Booking System

Host One Complimentary Event Per Month

Product Discounts

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Be Bold...

We've created a retail experience where beauty and cosmetic products just for you are accessible, no matter your shade, orientation, age, nationality or geographical location.  We are building a community with those who share our passion and respect for the wide spectrum of beauty amongst black and brown women.


Be Unapologetic...

We are partnering with brands that highlight and celebrate our diversity and develop products specific to our needs.  We are forming a global beauty ecosystem linking our buying power to the best "brown girl approved" brands across the globe.


Be True...

At Marjani, we shatter the ceiling of everything the world says beauty should be. We cater to black and brown faces by curating makeup & skincare collections from across the globe by brands who also believe that your beauty is anything but basic. In our world, rules are meant to be broken, and real beauty begins when you decide to do you. 

Break the Mold of Beautiful!