Satin-Lined Shower Cap

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So Fresh, So Clean

The Hairbrella Shower Cap keeps your hairstyle fresh while you get clean. Take your shower time to the next level with the luxury of our satin-lined interior and 100% waterproof microfiber exterior.

Hot showers create steam and humidity but the Hairbrella Shower Cap is the perfect satin lined solution featuring a satin band for your edges and an adjustable Band for a Secure Fit and protection from moisture and steam.

Roomy interior to accommodate varying hair lengths and textures.

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Product Information

Imagine a world where forecast fear is replaced by fierce confidence. A world where women are free to conquer the day without the possibility of scattered showers. A world where raindrops on the proverbial glass ceiling don’t deter us from shattering it.

As a child, founder Tracey Pickett imagined that world every time she watched the clouds cover her Southwest Atlanta hair salon. Women of all ages would scramble in search of an umbrella, newspaper, or plastic bag at the first sign of rain to protect their investment of time and money. As she progressed from undergrad to law school and eventually landed at a Fortune 500 company, she saw this problem affect women from all walks of life. She searched the web for a solution that combined fashion and function to no avail and eventually she took matters into her own hands. After years of trial and error, Hairbrella was born, not out of vanity but out of necessity. Out of her desire to provide her tribe of mothers, sisters, and femme friends with a weapon they could wield against whatever the weather might bring.

How To Use
Hand Wash and Hang Dry
Behind The Brand
Why We Love It
100% Waterproof and Leak Proof: Lightweight microfiber wicks away moisture making sure your strands are safe and secure.

Satin-Lined Interior: Style and substance, this luxurious material reduces friction to prevent breakage

Satin-Lined Band for Edges: Protect your edges and ensure no strands are left stranded


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