All Summer '17... 5 Summer Beauty Essentials

summer beauty tips
And we can't have our beauties unprepared. So we've put together a few essential beauty items you need to be Summertime fine...
1. Even Tone Cleansing Bar (Shop here)
We must of course start with a smooth, even complexion. The Even Tone Cleansing Bar offers a blend of kojic and azelaic acids to help fight inflammation and promote even skin pigmentation. With regular use, skin tone appears more even, complexion brightened. Perfect for all skin types.
2. Facial Elixir (Shop here)
facial elixir
Inspired by the luxurious beauty found in Brazil, beauty by Africa Miranda's Facial Elixir blends Maracuja Oil, Cupuacu Butter with other skin-nourishing ingredients. This Facial Elixir will have your skin glowing all summer long.
3. Pinkalicious Nail Lacquer (Shop here)
pink nail lacquer
For the rooftop happy hour or the day at the beach, bright pink nails will accessorize any outfit. Pinkalicious is a soft opaque lemonade pink shade intended to help us channel our inner girly side. So, get a relaxing manicure and get Pinkalicious!
4. Papaya Slip Taming Potion (Shop here)
taming lotion
Now we can't let the humidity keep our curls from poppin'. The Papaya Slip Taming Potion is an alcohol free formula that will tame frizz and keep your curls defined ensuring a strong flexible hold. Boost curls with minerals, vitamins and enzymes by the power of Papaya extract.
5. Chasing Saturday Sulty + Matte Lipstick (Shop here)
hot pink lipstick
Forego the typical red lip and up the ante with a hot, statement making pink lip. This pink sultry + matte lipstick will have you always looking Saturday ready, even if it's only Tuesday.

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