Make Up Tips for Traveling

Make Up Tips for Traveling - Marjani

It is that time of year where we are all either itching to get out of the cold weather or just looking to have a good time with our girls on a tropical island. While it may seem that the hardest part is booking the perfect location for a vacation, the actual hard part is packing light while making sure you have your essentials. Of course we are talking about the makeup essentials. Here's a few tips on how to make traveling with makeup as simple as possible.

1. Make your bag lighter and your life easier by choosing an eyeshadow palette with multiple colors that you can mix and match to create different looks while you're away. Stay on the safe side with a gold and neutral palette or be daring with the Reina Rebelde 4 Play Wet/Dry palette in Salvaje. No need to pack a bunch of single pot eyeshadows that will take up space in your luggage.

2. Another way to pack light is to take samples of your favorite makeup. Your favorite drug stores as well as Target and Walmart are great places to find travel size bottles for liquids. Add just as much as you need instead of bringing the entire container of foundation, primer or liquid highlighter. Taking samples will also cut down on the possibility of losing your favorite products if your luggage is lost and you won't have to worry about any bottles breaking during the baggage handling.

3. If you are like most of us you probably have a handbag full of lippies at all times. Bringing a bag full of lip products can be messy and a hassle but we have to take care of our lips. No one wants chapped lips during your ski trip or sunburned lips from laying out on the beach. Choose a tinted lip balm to bring with you that is easy to apply, looks great and conditions at the same time. We suggest products like the Hue Noir Lip Butter in the color Touch of Gold made with jojoba oil, Vitamin E and shea butter to repair lips while giving a touch of color at the same time. 

4. Invest in a small but quality makeup bag that will secure your makeup and brushes. You want to make sure things are not shifting around and leaving room for your makeup to spill all over the place. Extra points go to makeup bags that are easy to clean just in case things do spill. 

5. Last but not least, pack beauty items that have multiple purposes! For example, the Anita Grant Ylang Ylang Floral Water is a moisturizer for hair, face and body. It is also a primer and setting spray. You will save space in your luggage and be able to treat your skin well. That's four less products to put in the carryon so you won't have any checked baggage fees. 

We hope that these tips will help you to keep your makeup on point without all of the hassle of traveling with your makeup. Let us know if these tips worked for you on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we look forward to seeing your best vacation looks. Happy traveling!


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