Introducing Black Girl Sunscreen!

Introducing Black Girl Sunscreen! - Marjani

How frustrating is it when you want to enjoy time outdoors but your sunscreen doesn't want to let you be great? The chalkyness, the residue, the white streaks... we feel your pain! If this is your struggle, we have found the perfect product for you. Introducing Black Girl Sun Screen!

Our mission is to showcase products made with YOU in mind and we are so excited to carry a sunscreen just for you. Black Girl Sunscreen is sun block lotion that allows people of color to wear sun protection without the telltale chalky residue that traditional sunscreens can leave behind. Stay safe and have fun in the sun with SPF 30 and look good while doing it! This is the perfect product for your summer skincare routine.


Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is the key to smooth, hydrated and youthful skin. So, sunscreen is a must! Black Girl Sunscreen goes above and beyond for you skin with nourishing ingredients such as carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado, and shea butter. The product is also oxybenzone and paraben free for extra protection. 

Although Black Girl Sunscreen's formula was specifically created for darker skin tones, it can be used by people of all shades. “It’s beautifully absorbable, so that it can complement the beauty and richness of all skin tones,” says Shontay Lundy, Creator of Black Girl Sunscreen.


Black Girl Sunscreen was created by Shontay Lundy, a Florida-based entrepreneur who is an avid hiker, beachgoer and outdoor yoga enthusiast. Lundy wanted to enjoy her favorite outdoor activities while protecting her skin. She worked with a chemist to create a formula that offers a high-level of protection minus the oxybenzone, parabens and white residue. Talk about turning a problem into a solution! 

We love when women not only create amazing products, we also love to see products that for us and by us! We salute you Shontay for breaking the mold in the beauty industry.

Support Black Girl Sunscreen and your skin by purchasing the product online at Can't wait to see you out and about having fun in the sun this summer using Black Girl Sunscreen!


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