Finding Your Perfect Shade of Foundation Online

Finding Your Perfect Shade of Foundation Online - Marjani

Purchasing makeup online has its pros. It means delivery to your front door, access to products you can't find in stores and sometimes great discounts on the brands you love. The one barrier with online purchases is making sure you buy the correct shade especially when it comes to foundation. As an online retailer we definitely understand the struggle and we're sharing a few tips on how to find your perfect match online!

First, start out with looking for a shade in your undertone. Although a shade may appear to be the perfect one, the undertone will tell a different story once you apply it to your skin. If your undertone is warm and you use a cool foundation you could end up looking very gray or ashy. No one wants to look ashy!

Beauty brands typically create foundations that come in a cool, warm or a neutral undertone. Sometimes a brand may have their own system for labeling undertones but for the most part you will see that foundations fall into the three categories. Unfortunately, many brands produce tan and brown shades with cool, red undertones but darker skin tones can be golden and warm as well. 

Finding a brand that provides a foundation in your undertone will be key in taking the next step to match your shade. Once you have identified your undertone and which brands carry your shade range, start your search for the perfect shade with those brands. Marjani Beauty has great beauty brands that are brown and black women friendly in many different undertones and we welcome you to start there.

Research is your friend! Google, Youtube and online reviews can help you decide which shade to use as well. Find celebrities, influencers and other consumers with a similar skin tone to yours to see which brands and colors they have chosen. This will give you an idea of where you should start. By the way, Youtube is a great way to gain insight on how a product will look but also how a foundation will blend and behave which are all great things you would want to know before purchasing online. 

Lastly, we also suggest using an online retailer with a great, "try it first," program. This will relieve any anxiety you may have when it comes to buying a foundation online and the fear of being stuck with a foundation that does not match. Marjani Beauty's Buy It Try It™ Foundation Match Program takes the guessing game out of choosing your perfect match online.  It will help you to save money as well.

The program allows you to receive samples of the foundation with your order to swatch and try. After using the sample, if the foundation is not a match you can simply return the full size product for a full refund. We will even help you find the perfect match if you are unsure of where to start. How awesome is that? Find out more about Buy It Try It™ here.

We hope these beauty tips on how to find your perfect foundation shade online makes purchasing your favorite and new beauty brands much easier. Now you don't have to have fear in purchasing a brand that is not yet in stores and you can save your coins! 


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