Faux Freckles: Hot or Not?

Faux Freckles: Hot or Not? - Marjani

Just like fashion, makeup trends come in and out of season. One of the hottest trends out at the moment are freckles. Naturally, this trend was bound to happen since barely there makeup continues to be a favorite look in the beauty community. A bare face means your freckles will take center stage! But what if you aren't blessed with freckles?

You can make your own! The makeup community is obsessed with faux freckles and they are surprisingly easy to create using many of the beauty tools you already own. Use your favorite brown or light brown eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow or eyeliner to make your faux freckles. We suggest using the Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Paint in the color La Dona. For deeper skin tones use the color Frida. The key is to not use a color that is too dark or you won't be able to achieve the look of natural freckles.

How do you create faux freckles? Starting at the bridge of your nose, begin to create freckles by placing small dots onto the skin using your product of choice. Using your finger, smudge and blur the freckles for a more natural look by tapping the skin where you've placed your freckles. Don't forget to spread them out and to create freckles in all different sizes/shapes.

One of our favorite beauty gurus SondraDeluxe has a simple and easy tutorial on how to create natural looking freckles. Check it out and try it for yourself!


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