Bridal Makeup Tips for the Bride to Be!

Bridal Makeup Tips for the Bride to Be! - Marjani

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Wedding season is upon us and we couldn't help but swoon over the Royal Wedding. The flowers, the dress, the ceremony, everything was perfect and your big day will be too! With all of the planning to make your day perfect the last thing that should be less than stellar is your makeup. Here's a few tips for flawless bridal makeup for you, the bride to be.

Begin taking care of your skin in the months leading up to your wedding. Great makeup starts with healthy skin and we want your skin to radiate on your big day. Whether you want a barely there look like Meghan Markle or go full glitz and glam, remember to be nice to your skin. Don't wait until the day before your wedding to treat yourself to a bridal facial. 

Start a morning or nighttime routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week for a fresh face as well. We suggest using the Christal Cosmetics Brightening Refining Scrub to prep your skin for your wedding day.

Get comfortable wearing white. Why? Well, Michelle Obama's makeup artist, Carl Ray, suggests you wear white to your makeup trials to get a feel for what your makeup may look like alongside your dress. Style your hair similar to how you will wear it on your wedding day and sport the jewelry you want to wear as well. The goal is to make sure your makeup look blends seamlessly with your overall wedding style. Remember to also schedule a trial with multiple makeup artists during your search. 

Last but not least, make sure your foundation is a perfect match! Don't let the wrong foundation color ruin your wedding day photos. As seasons change our skin tone and complexion changes as well. We suggest using our Buy It Try It™ Foundation Match Program to find the perfect foundation and color for your complexion. Our program allows you to try shop online without the fear of purchasing the wrong color or taking up too much time at the beauty retailers so you can spend more time planning your wedding.

We hope that the tips help you to put your best face forward at your wedding. Remember to share this with your bridesmaids so they can begin to prepare for the big day as well. Now, let us toast to flawless makeup but most importantly a happy marriage for you and your honey!


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